Streamline your sales process and get maximum output of your sales process

ZOHO CRM has following great features to accomplish your sales process
  • Pipeline Management – You can have all your Sales Leads,Contacts,Accounts everything is well organized so you can get much more visibility of your sales pipeline.
  •  Customization – You can customize based on your business needs as it allows you to create custom fields and setup workflows to meet your needs.
  • Multi-channel & Marketing– You can connect all your sales channels like email ,social,telephone,live chat & portal.You can execute your marketing effort inside ZOHO CRM using Mass email, campaigns, web-forms etc.
  •  Process Management – By using powerful blueprint and approval process you can control you sales process and have sales persons to follow through a predefined path to close deals without making any error.
  • Automation – It’s advanced automation feature allows you to make macros,workflow rules ,assignments rules so do less work make maximum sales output.
  • Security – Creating profiles,Roles & Team you can control access of your CRM data to specific users.
  • Integration – Using REST API, Widget, Serverless code you can integration third party apps like Google Drive, Quickbooks, Mailchimp and many more.
How we can help you
  • Our ZOHO CRM experts help you to implement your sales process into Zoho CRM
  • We can help you to setup custom workflows or custom function as your needs
  • We can make blueprint of your Sales process
  • We can integration third party apps like google Drive, Quickbooks and more.
  • We help you to check your existing CRM setup and suggest possible improvements.
  • We do consulting on ZOHO CRM how you can use your CRM efficient and effectively to get maximum output